Who Are We?

We’re the worker bees with bespoke suits. We take old-school perseverance and a meticulous approach to design and carefully interlock this with sophistication, professionalism and class. We know, it’s a mouthful. Just think of us a forward-thinking, customer-focused business accessory company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our team is composed of candid, hard-working professionalism bent on inspiring quality and transparency with everyone we deal with. Everyone on the team has started a business at some point in their lives. Our people understand what it is to care so deeply about something that you dedicate years to it, despite initial losses and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In fact, this is the best way we can relate to our customers.

Savile is a people company, first and foremost, and a business accessory provider second.

Stay bold, stay passionate, stay professional.
Savile Team

Relentless Attention to Detail

We pay attention to who you are and what you do. We get personal so your finished product is personal, and speaks volumes about your attitude – without you saying a single word. The small details are all that count, and our mission is to get these just right.

Style and Function

Yeah, we make your business cards and accessories look damn good, but there’s substance behind that pretty face. These are not throwaway items – from weight to form, these are products you’ll want to keep around (and probably take home).

Convenience and Satisfaction

Whatever your profession, we strive to be professional to provide the best possible experience. From free shipping to the handwritten signature on your thank you letter, every step of the order process is geared towards customer satisfaction.

A Qualitative Approach

There is no point in buying 1,000 pieces of crap just because the price is right. We focus on creating a quality product first, not flashing large quantities and small monetary denominations in your face (although you get those too).
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